StartUp Weekend Tour

London – Stockholm – Toulouse

08th – 11th February 2019

SPACEPIRATES – Selling Space Waste

This StartUp Weekend was my first – with the topic Space. The theme is not so old, but you have the chance to talk with peoples, there work in space business.

The idea from Spacepirates was, to pic up the space trash and bring it back to earth. Make art with that and sell it.

This topic, I can really recommend for all peoples. Its very good to have a view in new, upcoming businesses. And I think really, spaces business is the new upcoming markt.

15th – 17th February 2019


What a amazing weekend there in Stockholm. Our ideas what based, to sell the seats in a plane, until for boarding for students.

Students can buy this tickets and can go to the airport. We have chose students, well our ticket sales starts 3 hours before boarding.

Some more nice points what the city of Stockholm. That is so beautiful! 

29th – 31th MARCH 2019

MENTOR – StartUp Weekend Toulouse #Space

That was my second SW with the topic Space.

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